Just like that one kernel that just didn't pop,
we spoil everything.

Spoilers Everywhere!

This is a site that you visit after you see the movie. We'll promise to keep the spoilers out of headlines and first few sentences, but then all bets are off. Please don;t let us ruin a movie by reading our post first. We don't want to convince you to see a movie or not, we just want to discuss what we saw.

Go ahead, disagree. Just be nice.

Part of the fun of movies is finding out what people love and what people hate about them. You will not agree with every one of our posts, but perhaps you'll agree with some (or at least feel entertained).  

We just ask for one thing. If you choose to leave a comment, please be civil. 

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Continuity be damned!

You'll likely find that Snazzum posts will jump around a bit. Like any good film conversation, we'll talk about the new stuff, Blu-ray releases, classics, what we saw on cable last week, and other related ramblings. If you want us to write about something, just ask.